PetExpert dog and cat insurance is entering the Belgian market by the end of Q2 2021

Derek Cummins

Prague/Brussels, 13th April 2021 – PetExpert, the fully online health and accident insurance for dogs and cats where clients only pay veterinarians the excess, will begin providing cat and dog insurance against illnesses and accidents for clients in the Belgian market in the second quarter of 2021. The insurance will work on the same principle as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, on the basis of co-operation with a network of contract veterinarians and veterinary clinics and 90% coverage of the treatment costs paid directly to the veterinarian in the case of an accident or treatment for an illness. All without any paperwork, simply and quickly. The PetExpert Belgium BV branch will be based in Brussels and Belgian clients will be able to use the website (in Dutch and French) to find all the necessary information and to conclude an insurance policy online.

“We became the leader in the Czech online pet insurance market less than three years after we started. After Slovakia, we are now continuing our expansion into Belgium, where we will start providing insurance for cats and dogs from the end of Q2 2021 in cooperation with a leading international insurance company that will be our insurer for the Belgian market. This is the same model that we have used in other countries where we are building up our networks of veterinarians. Our award-winning online platform incorporating elements of AI means the insurance can be settled immediately and paid directly to the veterinarian in less than 5 seconds in 90% of cases, which is world-record speed,” says Derek Cummins, the co-founder of PetExpert insurance, while adding: “We are currently building a multi-language service centre in Prague and we will also have a smaller team of employees directly at our Belgian PetExpert BV branch in Brussels. In the next 18 months, we are also planning to expand into further countries where we intend to invest several million euros. It is our goal to become the first Europe-wide online pet insurance provider with its head office in the Czech Republic.”  

“The interesting thing for the partners, with whom we are in negotiations about expanding into other countries, is mainly the automation through the use of AI tools that we bring to the insurance industry. It is currently – from the point of view of the speed of settlement and the handling of the payments for an insured event – at the absolute cutting edge,” says Jan Moravec, a co-founder of PetExpert insurance, while adding: “All our processes are purely digital, without the need for any paperwork or bills scanning. All the systems are scalable and run in the cloud. The automation and risk management is based on continuous data analysis in real time with the use of elements of machine learning and AI.”

“Our contractual veterinarians appreciate the fact that we operate completely digitally, without any paperwork and forms, without any burdensome administration for the veterinarian and the client, with the highest insurance indemnity limits in the market and with the lowest barrier for entry into insurance. It is not necessary to fill out a registration form or an application form and there is also no need to request settlement from the insurer. The entire process is fully digital and everything takes place in real time. This means that veterinarians can provide their clients and their four-legged friends with truly maximum care while using the latest veterinarian techniques, procedures and treatment methods,” adds Derek Cummins.

In the case of an accident or an illness, the client takes their dog or cat to a contractual veterinarian and gives the veterinarian their insurance number. If there is any other problem, the client can contact PetExpert by telephone or email. Once the waiting period has expired (typically 3 days for accidents and 30 days for illnesses), the client will be entitled to settlement for any health problems that occur after that period. The veterinarian will send all the necessary information to PetExpert from their clinic’s operating system and everything will be resolved within five minutes. The client then only pays the excess amounting to 10% of the costs for the veterinary care on site.

About PetExpert general animal insurance:

Founded in January 2018, PetExpert is the first truly online general insurance system for cats and dogs that meets the real needs of responsible pet owners. PetExpert provides an assurance to cat and dog owners that their four-legged friends will be provided with good, top quality care in the case of any unexpected situations. And all without the risk of any unexpected financial costs. The goal of PetExpert insurance is to support good conditions for animals and the use of innovation in their diagnosis and treatment with the emphasis on clear and transparent terms and conditions for both the clients and veterinarians. PetExpert is the leader in online pet insurance market in the Czech Republic and from the autumn 2020 provides its pet insurance also in Slovakia. Thanks to its unique Microsoft award-winning online platform incorporating elements of machine learning and AI, the insurance can be settled immediately and paid directly to the veterinarian in less than 5 seconds in 90 % of cases. PetExpert strategically partners with leading international banks, insurance companies and global brands, and provides insurance to already tens of thousands of clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. More information is available at and and

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