PetExpert integrated in CSOB virtual assistant Kate

Markéta Hniličková

Meet Kate, our digital assistant who is available anytime, anywhere


ČSOB clients can use the services of the virtual assistant Kate. This is the first service of this type on the Czech banking market. Kate's uniqueness is underlined by the possibility of voice control, her great advantage is that she communicates well in Czech. Now he can arrange pet insurance and notify the expiration of the payment card. It works in the DoKapsy mobile application from ČSOB, and in the middle of the year it will become part of the new ČSOB Smart mobile banking. Kate is a joint project of the KBC bancassurance group.

"Kate and I are entering a new era in our Digital and Human strategy, in which our client comes first. For several years now, we have been following the gradual transition of customers to convenient and secure digitized services, which is now exacerbated by a pandemic. The mobile phone is increasingly becoming the gateway to the bank, as evidenced by the year-on-year growth of mobile banking by more than a third. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, Kate takes everything to an even higher level. She will always become an attentive guide and assistant for her user, who will save him time and money and solve various life situations with him. Simply put, every client will benefit in the digital world thanks to a personal approach, ” says ČSOB CEO John Hollows.

Already today, Kate can provide pet insurance and also draw attention to the impending expiration of the payment card, including a proposal for the place where the client will pick up the card. In the near future, Kate will warn the client of the end of the citizen's validity and advise him on how to proceed. Kate will also display a vehicle insurance certificate (called a green card) and help with further assistance or allow you to set up an automatic credit card payment. In addition, he will be able to provide call-back from the client centre and will also point out the possibility of activating the loyalty program. Looking ahead, Kate will handle most of the tasks that people go to the bank or open online banking today. He will be able to help the client with payments, provide various types of insurance or order savings and investment products. But Kate won't just wait for instructions. She will contact you with a tailor-made offer or a tip on how to save, for example, find a cheaper electricity provider. The list of situations will gradually expand.

"This year we plan to bring at least two new services every month. There is deliberately less options so far so that Kate can learn and adapt flexibly. The breakthrough will be its integration into our mobile applications Smart and CEB Mobile. In the future, Kate will function as a real banker with whom the client has fun and who knows him, " adds Michaela Lhotková, ČSOB's Executive Director for Innovation and Digital.

Czechs now use the services of a virtual or voice assistant, especially for the services of global technology companies. A ČSOB survey showed that 42 percent of people would be able to imagine similar services at banks.

DoKapsy from ČSOB is a multifunctional mobile application connecting the world of shopping, transport, mobile payment and finance. In the application you can have payment cards, loyalty cards from various merchants or take advantage of discount promotions. In selected cities, it is possible to pay for parking through it and it is also possible to order public transport tickets from it. Since the end of last year, the application is open to the general public.

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PetExpert insurance available on the KATE app